Many prospective homeowners often misunderstand the concept of designing a custom home. Some people flirt with building a custom home but later decide to buy a finished house or work with a building team to modify a place during the construction process.

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Confusion often arises because prospective house buyers have the fundamental sequencing wrong. They also lack a clear picture of what it tasks to build custom homes from scratch. Here is the inside scoop from The Hyde Group LLC to help you get a great construction team to break ground and create your dream home.

Get the Right Team

Hiring the right people for your project is the most crucial decision home builders must make. Their quality of work is essential, but you also need to assess their character as most bumps down the road arise from a lack of understanding and trust.


Take your time until you’re comfortable with the people you’re hiring and the whole process. It would be best to discuss your goals with the team, including the budget, schedule, and expected outcome.

It’s also important to discuss how to resolve issues if something goes south.

Hire a Builder, Architect, and Designer

Different professionals play various roles in the home construction process. That includes:

  • Architects – They engineer your home’s layout and exterior vision. They’re the creatives that deliver functional solutions to design issues.
  • Builders – These construction professionals take your architect’s design and convert the vision into a reality. They aim to build your home according to your plan and schedule, so they heavily focus on streamlining the process.
  • Designers – They oversee your home’s interior appeal, prioritizing the details and finishes to give you a beautiful and functional space. That includes everything from lighting selections and placement to tile grout thickness and hardwood stain.

While many people understand the importance of every role, their basic sequencing is wrong. These prospective homeowners think they can start by hiring an architect to design the house and get the lowest charging contractor to complete the project.

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In reality, you need to sit down with your builder, architect, and interior designer to discuss the features you want and identify your dream home. That makes the process smoother, faster, and less expensive.

Understand Your Limits

Just because you can use Google and interest to get unique ideas doesn’t mean you have the tools and knowledge needed to be a custom home builder. You need to hire professional builders, architects, and designers as they have loads of experience from similar previous projects.

Professionals also have a substantial collection of information, considerations, and other resources to make your custom home beautiful and functional.

Choose your experts, and don’t be afraid to bring ideas to the table and ensure they can back their ideas.

Review your Floor Plan’s Functionality

If you’ve never built a custom home, it’s easy for the floor plan stage to feel like your honeymoon phase. This building stage can be exciting, but it’s essential to be thoughtful and diligent to see your dreams come true.

Consider the functionality of your floor plan as you want your new home to be beautiful and livable. Think about how you need to live in your new home, your entry doors, the size of your family room, and the storage location.

Design for Your Future

Custom homes are long-term investments that should live for years to come without massive renovations. Your dream home will need to feature a design that will be useful down the road, including a functional laundry room, a home office, and additional bedrooms for your growing family.

Plan for Storage

Nothing is striking about your home’s storage space. However, not having sufficient space to store your cleaning supplies, linens, and winter clothes in your own custom home can be a huge inconvenience.

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When reviewing the floor plans for your new home, look for dead areas that you can convert into your storage space. A skilled architect can help you maximize your home’s space per square foot, creating a functional storage space for better living.

Invest in Features that Are Hard to Change

If budget is an issue, invest in features that might cost considerably more to change in the future. These include pre-wiring, soundproofing, flooring, and good insulation. Upgrades of this kind might not seem a top priority, but they’re more costly to change or add later.

Ask for Additional Options or Estimates

Homebuilders usually have the sub-contractors they work with when developing custom homes. That’s typically smart in many cases as they have loads of experience working on similar past projects and can deliver quality work on time.

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Make Provisions for Unexpected Time & Cost

When building your custom home, it’s normal for the cost to go higher than expected. That’s not because your building company is pulling the wool over your eyes, but that results from:

  • Unexpected site problems – There are things you can’t discover until you begin your project. These might include foundation issues depending on your location and other issues that are hard to predict.
  • Personal preferences – Many home builders will give you estimates based on their experience working with past clients using builder-grade materials. However, builder-grade material doesn’t offer the best quality, so you might often choose to upgrade some things.


Building your new home might take more time than expected, even with the most prepared construction team. Some moving parts that can delay your completion date include inspections, contractor availability, and site issues.

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