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Many homeowners consider a “do it yourself” bathroom remodel to save on costs. If you are thinking about taking on your remodeling project yourself, you may want to stop and ask yourself the following:

The Hyde Group has helped create ideal living spaces to accommodate and enhance our customers’ lifestyles.

We can create functional, inviting spaces that meet the needs of your everyday life.

We listen to what you want and need in order to make your home or business a true reflection of you.

We understand how much works goes into planning a remodel. Let our trained team of professionals take on the project! The Hyde Group staff is fully knowledgeable in permit codes and building requirements.

Whether you wish to create a unique master bedroom, refinish or replace those old flooring, or add a stunning water feature to your home, The Hyde group provides everything you need to create an intimate home remodel that is perfectly customized for your family. We also proudly specialize in kitchen and bathroom remodeling.

I wanted to thank you for the excellent job you did in our apartment on the painting of the trim, moldings, and doorframes all over the apartment and the ceiling in the bathrooms. We couldn’t be happier with your work.
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Carol T

A world of innovative kitchen ideas and inspiration awaits you at The Hyde Group. Without question, the kitchen is the center of your home, and The Hyde Group will help you create your room for living and enjoying.

Initial In-Home Consultation
During our initial consultation, we will talk and, more importantly, listen to you to get a good understanding of what you’re looking for in your home or condo remodeling project. We take measurements, photos and will make design suggestions. If architectural drawings are required, we will schedule a time for you to meet with our Architect.

Bid Presentation & Cost Forecast
Based on the initial design we will provide you with a bid including an accurate price range for the cost of the project.

Pre-Construction, Permits and Plans
As soon as the contract is signed, we finalize the design for your approval and begin the process of securing permits by submitting all the necessary plans and paperwork to the city and county. If association approvals are required, we will work with you to obtain those as well.

Demolition Phase & Junk Removal
The demolition phase includes the removal of old cabinets, countertops, flooring and anything else that needs to go. If any walls are being moved, it will be done during this phase. In most cases it will be necessary to have a container on site for the storage of trash until the project is complete.

Electrical, Plumbing, Drywall and Floors
This is essentially the “infrastructure” phase. At this point we will pre-wire for and/or install new lighting fixtures, run any required electrical wiring, and complete any in-wall plumbing. Once that is finished, we can install flooring, walls, and drywall.

Countertop And Cabinet Installation
If your remodeling project includes your kitchen or bathrooms this phase will allow your project to really take shape! Installing cabinets and countertops requires precision and craftsmanship.

Interior Finishing and Painting
During this phase, we install your backsplashes, plumbing fixtures, flooring, and trim. When all of that is complete, we are ready to paint.

Punch Out and Cleanup
In this final phase, we touch up finishes, install new lighting fixtures, and provide you with a thorough cleanup.

Enjoy Your Dream Home!

Wow! Another Hyde Group project is ready to be enjoyed!

Wondering where to start with your kitchen remodel? You’ll work closely with The Hyde Group to bring your vision to life!

If you are looking to start your project as soon as possible, here is a quick introduction on how you can help us prepare for your home remodel.

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